Club Information » Behaviour


All swimmers, in every squad, are expected to:

  • Learn “lane etiquette”
  • Swim down the pool on the left and back on the right
  • Try and keep space between themselves and the swimmer in front, change the swim order if necessary in drills etc
  • Allow others to finish ‘on the wall,’ move to the lane rope when you have finished.
  • Keep off the lane ropes, use them as support on top of the water

Be encouraging and respectful of all squad members, verbally and physically. Intimidating behaviour or “put downs” are not acceptable.

Remember that parents and coaches are volunteers, deserving of respect from the swimmers at all times.

The coaches retain the right to ask swimmers breaching these poolside manners to sit out, until such time as the swimmer feels able to rejoin the squad.

Parents who are not staying at the pool for the session should come in and alert the coach to their child’s presence. The club is not responsible for the swimmers outside of the advertised session times.

Parents are asked to stay off pool deck during the session times, unless they are requested to come on to assist by one of the coaches.

All members of our club are expected to be familiar with and abide by the O&M Code of Conduct.