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Parent Participation

Parents can be involved in the swimming club and with their child’s swimming in a number of ways.

In the summer season, as we do not have exclusive use of the pool, we need to put out lane ropes, backstroke flags and sometimes the starting blocks prior to each training session.  

At the conclusion of all morning sessions all this equipment needs to be removed from the pool.

Early, late and sometimes in the middle of the season, the pool covers need to be pulled on after the evening session, as they are no use on the rollers at keeping the water temperature reasonable.

On Club nights, all parents are asked to make themselves available for timekeeping. If you are apprehensive on your first night, please ask for assistance. One of our experienced parents will cover your lane with you until you are confident in what you are doing.   

The club rooms need to be vacuumed regularly.

The club holds two big events in the year, an Pennant meet and Open meet.  For these events the committee will require assistance from parents for marshalling, timekeeping, setting up, refreshments, compiling results and cleaning up afterwards.


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