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2023/2024 Competitions Calendar

Below is a link to the 2023/2024 Competitions Calendar.

If you have any questions regarding competing and the events to swim please speak with your coach.

Competitions-2023-24.pdf Competitions-2023-24.pdf (79kB)

Long Course Competitions

Please refer to the White Board in the Club Rooms or the file below for the competitions that the Club will be attending.

Please place your name on the white board for meets you will attend.

Keep training hard.

Coaches quote:

"You are what you do, not what you say you'll do." (C.G. Jung)

Competitions-2023-24.pdf Competitions-2023-24.pdf (79kB)

Pennant Competitions

Once swimmers are comfortable competing at Club nights, Pennant competitions are the next level.

There are five pennant meets which are held between October and February.

There is a $1 fee per event and swimmers are only allowed to swim a maximum of four events.

Each swimmer, by diving into the water, earns the Club a point and if they gain a place more points are earned.

There is a tally at the end of the season and one club wins the Pennant for that year.

Open Meets

Open meets are what most people would recognise as "Swimming Comps"

There is an entry fee attached to each swim with medals or ribbons on offer to the place getters and the chance of achieving a qualifying time for State Competitions.

Open meets are held at District , Country, State and National level.

Most District meets have no qualifying times but all levels above this have their own criteria that swimmers must meet to participate.

All information about Country, State and National Meets can be accessed via the Swimming Victoria Website. 


Proficiency is a program that sits outside the competitive swimming happening in the O&M.

This is a program that sets a challenge  for each individual swimmer.

There are 6 levels of proficiency: Bronze, Bronze Star, Silver, Silver Star, Gold and Bar to Gold.

Each award sets a distance for each stroke that needs to be swum in a nominated time or less for each gender.

If you are interested in participating in The Proficiency Meet for 2021 please let your coach know.

How To Enter Swim Meets

All competitions that the Coaches are attending will have their time on the whiteboard in the clubrooms.

The meet will be written up and if you want to enter you just put your name under the appropriate heading.

If you have any questions, Kevin is the person who does all the entries for the club

The coaches will decide what are the appropriate swims for each swimmer, to best develop their skills  for each meet.

For more information please see the attached file.

How-To-Enter-Swim-Meets.docx How-To-Enter-Swim-Meets.docx (15kB)

Online Entries

Some of the competitions that the Yarrawonga Mulwala Swimming Club will compete at will require each swimmer to enter online.

Coaches will provide the swimmers with a list of the events that they will need to enter for that particular meet. 

Please click on the link below to download the instructions. Should you have any problems please contact your swimmers coach.

Steps-for-Online-Entries.docx Steps-for-Online-Entries.docx (15kB)

Swimming Victoria Competition Calendar

Below is the Swimming Victoria Competition Calendar 2023-24 Season.

Click to open

Swimming-Victoria-Competition-Calendar-2023-24-Season.pdf Swimming-Victoria-Competition-Calendar-2023-24-Season.pdf (114kB)

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