2013-14 Season Presentation Night

2013-14 Season Presentation Night

Yarrawonga/Mulwala Swimming Club Presentation Night


Wednesday 5 March 2014 saw the Yarrawonga/Mulwala Swimming Club conduct their awards night for the season. The presentation night was well attended by swimmers and their families and commenced with the presentation of the top three place getters from the Club Championships, which consisted of 78 events held over four weeks, the Club Triathlon, Aggregate Awards and Coaches Awards.


The night concluded with a tea which was sponsored by Domino Pizza.


Club Championship Trophies were awarded in the following events:


                Women 6 & under 25m Freestyle:            Milla Fletcher

                Men 11-12 50m Backstroke:                        Thomas Loughnan

                Women 11-12 50m Backstroke:Eliza Shiels

                Men 15-16 100m Freestyle:                         Philip Shiels

                Women 15-16 100m Freestyle:  Abbey Lawless

                Men 8 & under 50m Freestyle:  Mitchell Loughnan

                Women 8 & under50m Freestyle:             Bella Bridgeman

                Men Open 200m IM:                                      Philip Shiels

                Women Open 200m IM:                               Abbey Lawless

                Men 9-10 50m Breaststroke:                       Flynn Fletcher

                Women 9-10 50m Breaststroke:                Chloe Hart

                Men 13-14 50m Butterfly:                            Julian Corso

                Women 13-14 50m Butterfly:                      Lexie Nolen



Boys Freestyle:                  Isaac Pitches                      Girls Freestyle:                   Annabel Hart

Boys Backstroke:              Isaac Pitches                      Girls Backstroke:              Annabel Hart

Boys Breaststroke:          Isaac Pitches                      Girls Breaststroke:           Kate Saunders

Boys Butterfly:                  Isaac Pitches                      Girls Butterfly:                   Kate Saunders


Grand Aggregate: Isaac Pitches


Coaches Award

State Squad (Lyndon):                                   Lexie Nolen

Speedies (Kevin):                                              Freya Fletcher

Killer Penguins (Lyn):                                      Ethan Byrne

Turtles (Liz/Elaine/Tori and Alex):             All Children in the squad received a medal


Club Awards

Freestyle Handicap:                        Lexie Nolen

Interclub Award:                              Philip Shiels

Most Determined:                           Kate Saunders

Significant Achievement:              Lilly Mullins


Thank you to all the Coaches, Swimmers and Parents for their participation over the season. We look forward to seeing you all again next year. Anyone interested in swimming or becoming a coach please feel free to give Head Coach Lyndon Hart a call on 0417 522 456.