Country Championships

2014 Victorian Country Swimming Championships

 Overall Yarrawonga/Mulwala competed in 48 individual events recording 14 personal best times with 3 finals and 3 emergency places.  Eight relay teams were entered with the club placing in the top ten three times and every team improving their entry time.

 There were many highlights from the weekend with some of them being:

 Club Captain Morgan Pitches competing in the Women 16-17yrs 100m Breaststroke final and placing 6th.

 Past Club Captain Jocelyn Smith competing in the Women 18yrs & Over 50m Breaststroke final and placing 3rd.

 Nicole Shiels competing in the Women 12yrs 100m Breaststroke final and placing 6th.

 Lilly Mullins competing in her first ever Country Championships swam a strong 50m freestyle to be within .04 of her personal best time.

 Also competing in their first Victorian Country Swimming Championships as relay swimmers were Catherine Shaw and Kate Saunders.

 Individual Swimmers were:

Abbey Lawless, Georgia Lawless, Lilly Mullins, Madison Pease, Morgan Pitches, Eliza Shiels, Nicole Shiels, Philip Shiels, Thomas Shiels, Jocelyn Smith, Rhoanna Smith, Alexandra Stenhouse and Victoria Stenhouse.

 The results achieved by the swimmers are fantastic and a reward for the training they have been doing since June 2013, consisting of sessions in the Wangaratta before the pool in Yarrawonga opened.

 The teams focus now shifts to the Victorian Sprint Championships on the 8thand 9thFebruary and Ovens & Murray Championships on the 1stand 2ndMarch.

 Results from the Victorian Country Championships were as follows:

 Individual Results

 Abbey Lawless

16-17yrs 100m Butterfly                    1:14.56            17th    

Open 400m Freestyle                        5.05.27            18th

Open 100m Freestyle                        1:05.07            22nd

16-17yrs 100m Backstroke                1:15.12            15th

16-17yrs 100m Freestyle                   1:05.10            12th    (2nd Emergency for final)

Open 100m Butterfly                          1:16.77            27th

Open100m Backstroke                       1:15.91            22nd

Open 200m Freestyle                          2:22.10            17th

 Georgia Lawless

11yrs & Under 50m Backstroke         43.13               34th

11yrs & Under 50m Freestyle            35.66               34th    

11yrs & Under 50m Butterfly              39.23               15th

 Lilly Mullins

 11yrs & Under 50m Freestyle             37.14               58th

 Madison Pease           

14-15yrs 100m Backstroke                 1:16.05            11th

Open 200m Backstroke                      2:47.28            23rd

14-15yrs 100m Butterfly                    1:22.53            35th

14-15yrs 200m IM                              2:50.60            26th

 Morgan Pitches

Open 200m Breaststroke                    3:00.34            15th

16-17yrs 100m Freestyle                     1:07.04            19th

Open 100m Breaststroke                    1:23.54            14th

16-17yrs 100m Breaststroke               1:21.50            4th       

16-17yrs 100m Breaststroke- Final     1:22.96            6th  

Eliza Shiels

12yrs 100m Breaststroke                    1:39.86            19th

12yrs 100m Butterfly                          1:42.58            18th

12yrs 100m Backstroke                      1:28.12            20th

 Nicole Shiels

12yrs 100m Breaststroke                    1:32.30            6th

12yrs 100m Breaststroke – Final        1:33.21            9th

12yrs 100m Butterfly                          1:36.08            15th

Jocelyn Smith

18yrs & Over 50m Butterfly                  34.02               18th

18yrs & Over 50m Backstroke              37.26               16th

18yrs & Over 50m Breaststroke             37.40               1st

18yrs & Over 50m Breaststroke- Final   37.45               3rd

18yrs & Over 50m Freestyle                   30.66               12th  (2ndEmergency for final)

Open 100m Breaststroke                       1:25.43            25th

 Rhoanna Smith

16-17yrs 100m Breaststroke               1:32.58            21st

Open 100m Breaststroke                    1:31.45            43rd

 Alexandra Stenhouse

18yrs & Over 50m Butterfly               39.35               21st  

18yrs & Over 50m Backstroke           42.33               26th  

18yrs & Over 50m Breaststroke         41.91               17th

18yrs & Over50m Freestyle                32.59               31st  

 Victoria Stenhouse

18yrs & Over 50m Backstroke           39.95               21st  

18yrs & Over 50m Breaststroke         41.44               13th  

18yrs & Over50m Freestyle                32.26               29th

 Philip Shiels

Open 200m Breaststroke                    2:59.25            20th

16-17yrs 100m Butterfly                    1:13.82            33rd

Open 200m Butterfly                          2:46.66            11th (1stEmergency for final)

Open 100m Breaststroke                    1:22.69            34th

16-17yrs 200m IM                              2:35.96            17th

16-17yrs 100m Breaststroke               1:19.77            16th

 Thomas Shiels

18yrs & Over 50m Butterfly               32.40               32nd    

18yrs & Over 50m Backstroke           36.32               27th

Relay Results

 Women 12yrs & Under 200m Freestyle         2:20.58            14th

Catherine Shaw, Lilly Mullins, Eliza Shiels, Nicole Shiels

 Women 17 & Over 200m Medley                  2:22.32              9th       

Jocelyn Smith, Morgan Pitches, Alexandra Stenhouse, Victoria Stenhouse 

 Women 16 & Under Freestyle                        2:09.94            22nd

 Madison Pease, Rhoanna Smith, Kate Saunders, Abbey Lawless

 Women 400m Medley                                     5:01.78            9th

Madison Pease, Morgan Pitches, Abbey Lawless, Jessica Stenhouse

Women 16 & Under 200m Medley                2:22.69            15th

Madison Pease, Rhoanna Smith, Jessica Stenhouse, Abbey Lawless

 Women 17 & Over 200m Freestyle                2:05.61            8th

Morgan Pitches, Alexandra Stenhouse, Victoria Stenhouse, Jocelyn Smith

 Women 12yrs & Under 200m Medley           2.36.05            11th

Eliza Shiels, Nicole Shiels, Georgia Lawless, Catherine Shaw

 Women 400m Freestyle                                  4:32.56            17th

Abbey Lawless, Madison Pease, Morgan Pitches, Jessica Stenhouse